Toxin Rid 7-day Detox

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

7 day detox program

Price: $154

7 day detox program

Price: $154

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Awards Digital Budtender: Best in class
Price $154
Overall Rating *****
Coupon Code None
Best Use Detox pills
Dosage 1 pill
Value (cost per dose) $154/ pills blister
Experience Level Frequent cannabis user
Ideal Time of Day 7 days
Lab Tested +
THC Free +
Additional Flavors herbs, minerals, fiber, and vitamins
Vegan +
Organic +
Cannabinoid Profile None
GMP Certified None
Synthetic flavors
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How to use:


1) Take 3 pills every hour for 5 hours. (15 total pills)
2) Eat a significant amount of lean protein and high-fiber products.
3) To stay hydrated during detoxifying, take a lot of water throughout the day.
4) Don’t take more than 15 pills in a day.
5) Keep going for a total of six more days.


Herbs, minerals, and vitamins are included in the all-natural supplement Toxin Rid tablets to help you safely and painlessly eliminate toxins from your body. It has no artificial additives, animal products, or fillers at all. This 7-day detox program is designed specifically for people who have been exposed to a lot of toxins. That was designed for heavy THC users, to put it another way.

Just herbs, minerals, and vitamins that work together to help the body detoxify—nothing synthetic, all-natural, or loaded with fillers.

Utilizing neither artificial nor animal products

Within an hour, it begins to work.

Money-back guarantee from the manufacturer; proof documents required.

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