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Having a hair follicle drug test for your job coming? Are you in search of the detox method to clear the metabolites from your hairs? Do you know that the macujo method is a multi-step method that is considered to be 90% effective to pass the drug test.

Hair follicle drug testing is a popular method of testing and still a mandatory procedure at many workplaces. The importance of the hair follicle drug test lies in the fact that it can detect the drugs for a longer time, about 90 days. The test involves few hairs either from your head or other parts of the body and then sent to the laboratory for examination. A hair drug test can detect a variety of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, or PCP. Lower, you can see example of top solutions for this aim, Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid and Zydot Ultra Clean


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Detox shampoo to pass a hair follicle drug test can be effective but it does not provide complete cleaning of toxins from the hairs. Macujo method utilizes different detox products and vinegar to wash the metabolites completely from your hairs. We will provide you with a complete guide on the Macujo method use. We suggest you to consider whether to use these recommendations on your own.

Hair Follicle Drug Test Detection Time

How long does marijuana, cannabis, and other drugs stay in your hair follicles depends on various factors including the last dose, frequency of use, class of drug, and weight? Generally, the hair follicle test can detect the drug’s use for the past 90 days. So, the macujo method is the right choice to pass the hair follicle drug test with better results.

What is Macujo Method and How it Works?

Next info given by impacTEEN, Macujo method is still considered the best and useful method to beat the hair test for weed. The main purpose of the macujo method is to open up the hair cuticles to expose the hard middle part of the hair follicle: the cortex. The metabolites reside in the cortex and are removed by the macujo method. It works best than the home remedies like vinegar or salicylic acid.

Items Needed for Macujo Method

You need to have the following items for the macujo method at home.

  • Rubber gloves
  • Shower cap
  • Clean and Clear Deep shampoo
  • Heinz vinegar
  • Tide Liquid Laundry detergent
  • Aloe Rid Toxin Shampoo
  • Zydot Ultra Clean

hair follicle drug test detection times

Macujo Method: Instructions for User

After you have all the ingredients in your hand, you are ready to use the macujo method, less known for its failures.

Step One: The first step is, as soon as you come to know about the drug test, stop using pot. This is because the sooner you quit the drugs, the earlier you could get rid of toxins and the macujo method will also provide better results.

Step Two: Thoroughly soak the hairs over the sink from roots to tips. Then apply the Heinz vinegar and leave on hairs.

Step Three: Now, without washing the vinegar, massage the hairs with the Clean and Clear Shampoo. Put on the shower cap and then wait for one hour.

Step Four: Rinse your hairs with water after an hour.

Step Five: Wash the hairs with Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo, twice.

Step Six: Use Tide detergent to wash your hairs unless you will your hairs are clean.

Step seven: At the end, use Zydot ultra clean shampoo. Having a better knowledge of how to use Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo can double the effect of results.

How Well Does the Macujo Method Works? The Do’s and Don’ts

Keep reading impacTEEN to get know more about it. The macujo method is proven to be 90% effective for passing the hair follicle drug test. But it is best if you repeat the method at least three times before the test. The more times you get the process done, the greater will be chances of passing the test.

Keep the following points in mind before the test.

Do use the original or old-style Aloe Rid shampoo. Fake Aloe rid shampoo will not work for the macujo method.

Do use a new comb after the macujo method, otherwise, the traces of THC will again deposit on the hairs.

Don’t buy the Nexxus Aloe Rid formulae for the macujo method, it is not effective for detoxification.

Don’t touch anyone who is using marijuana before your hair drug test.

Pros and Cons

Like the other methods, the macujo method also has its pros and cons. But the pros are dominant over the cons.


  • Macujo method is most effective, with 90 percent results.
  • You don’t need to bleach or dyes your hairs.


  • It is pretty a costly method
  • Can pose damage to the scalp, skin, hairs, or eyes.


Mike macujo method is still considered the best procedure to beat the hair follicle drug test without shaving your head or body hairs. It will remove the toxins and metabolites from the structure of the hair follicle. The best part of the macujo method is, you can perform it in 1-3 days before your test. Quit using the drugs as soon as you come to know about the test and use the macujo method as many times as you can. You can pass the test with the macujo method as it will clear your scalp and hairs of the toxins. But if such methods are too challenging for you, just use ready goods, such as Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid.


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