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UPass is referred to as You Pass or Upass 8.4, and it gained a lot of popularity. Its target market comprises anyone who wants to cheat or pass a drug test, precisely employees and athletes who use recreational drugs. This article will go through Upass reviewsand find out if this synthetic urine product works.

Why Upass?

There have been cases of several low-grade synthetic urine products which failed to give users the all-clear. Worse, some got into trouble for attempting to influence a drug test. That’s why it’s essential to go for the right synthetic urine. This is where UPass comes in. More companies are now enforcing compulsory drug screening at workplaces. So, if you’re willing to hold onto that dream job or career but not willing to abstain from drug usage, you’ll need UPass to pass drug test. Upass for THC detox is a great choice for cleansing.

There are multiple purposes for synthetic urine, including urine drug testing efficiency, alternative medicine, and scientific experiments.

What is UPass?

UPass Synthetic urine is an artificial solution containing uric acid and creatinine. It’s a first-base product used by scientists to run tests on their testing equipment and determine if all urine tests are accurate. Using UPass for a drug test means that you will be submitting a urine solution that won’t be detected as fake. This results in passing the drug test. Lower, you can see Powdered Urine, products which usually used for such situation.


Powdered Human Urine

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Usage of any type of recreational drug (such as Marijuana/cannabis/pot/weed)

Recently, there’s been a trend of mandatory drug screening carried out on both applicants and employees. In addition, these tests are regularly carried out. This is one of the key reasons there’s a large market for synthetic urine.

As impacTEEN claims, UPass synthetic urine was one of the best solutions for passing a drug test in several laboratories for a long time. However, recent alterations in urine analysis or testing equipment have significantly affected its success rate. So although Upass is still heavily advertised or marketed, you can’t have so much confidence in it unless you’re sure the laboratory used to test it is up-to-date.

  • Ingredients

Before you can learn how to use UPass, you should first be familiar with the composition of this solution. To pass a drug test, the temperature and composition are key. Drug tests don’t detect the everyday toxins that urine contains. They simply test for various types of drugs and some common ingredients that make up human urine.

UPass Synthetic Urine contains:

  •       pH balance
  •       Urea
  •       Creatinine
  •       Color
  •       Specific gravity
  •       Odor

These are all key components of urine, but one key element is missing, and that’s uric acid. Most lab tests perform urine analysis for uric acid, and if the concentration of uric acid is absent or not accurate, the urine will be determined as fake. But still, 6 out of 7 key urine ingredients aren’t bad for synthetic urine.

A further look into these ingredients will help you understand how UPass works.

1.   Creatinine

There’s a specific concentration or quantity benchmark for this ingredient. The levels of this ingredient in a vial or urine shouldn’t be less than 15 milligrams per 1 kilogram of your body weight. Anything other than this and this solution will appear as diluted compared to the original urine. The body naturally produces creatine when your damaged muscle tissues are replaced.

Your kidneys filter out this substance when you want to urinate, which comes out with your urine. Therefore, its concentration should fall within 631-2936 mg.

2. pH Balance and Specific Gravity

Upass has a pH level that ranges between 6 and 7, which is identical to that of original urine. Any other synthetic urine product should have a pH level within this range. As for gravity, Upass Synthetic Urine reportedly has a specific gravity that’s very close to that of human urine.

3. Color

Original piss is usually yellow or amber and has a pungent odor. A synthetic urine solution also needs to have the right coloring and smell.

4. Urea

Urea is one of the common ingredients commonly tested for in urinalysis. If a synthetic urine solution doesn’t contain urea, it’s a waste of money. It’s also the most common indicator to ascertain if your urine is fake or genuine. The concentration level should fall within 12-20 grams.

How to Use UPass?

The UPass package contains the following:

  •       One plastic bottle (it lessens heat loss)
  •       Thermometer strip
  •       Synthetic urine (3 ounces)
  •       Hand warmers
  •       Heating pad (for attaining the perfect temperature)
  •       Rubber band (for attaching the heating pad to the plastic bottle)
  •       Instructions on usage

UPass Instructions

The instructions contained in the package are broken down into some steps, and you should follow them completely with maximum efficiency:

  •       Insert the plastic bottle with the synthetic piss into the microwave and heat for up to 10 seconds.
  •       Then, take a thermometer and measure the heat of the urine (you’re looking for a temperature level ranging between 94 and 100°F.
  •       If the urine temperature doesn’t fall within this range, place it back in your microwave. Ensure your synthetic urine stays within that temperature range when you submit it for analysis.
  •       Close the bottle cover and thoroughly shake the bottle’s contents till you’re sure it’s properly mixed.
  •       This is where you perfect the first step by keeping the urine’s temperature within the desired range. Next, take the heat pad and attach it to the plastic bottle using the rubber band. This will sustain the temperature of the bottle for up to 2 hours. The best time to heat the Upass synthetic urine is on the day of your test.
  •       Preferably, keep it at 100°F so that it will slowly cool down and stay within the desired temperature range.
  •       When pouring the synthetic pee into the collection cup, it doesn’t have to be precisely 3 ounces. Even for your real urine, the receptacle used for collecting it won’t catch all of it. So if the synthetic urine in your collection cup is not up to 3 ounces, it won’t raise any suspicion from the lab technician.

There are both positive and negative Upass reviews. However, most of these reviews indicate that Upass can help you pass a urine drug test. There are thousands of cases to attest to its effectiveness. Lab tests carried out on UPass synthetic urine showed results identical to that of real urine. This isn’t just because Upass urine is precise in the concentration of each vital ingredient, but because the fake urine wasn’t tampered with, diluted, or contaminated in any way.

Regular users of marijuana or cannabis raised Upass urine and claimed that it helped them pass a urine drug test. On the other hand, there was a different outcome for people using other recreational drugs. Still, this doesn’t conclusively mean that Upass isn’t always effective for passing specific drug tests. For example, most lab tests run urinalysis targeted at detecting weed or THC.

Terms of Product Use

The users or buyers will accept every responsibility or liability that comes with the usage of this product. The buyer also accepts to blame no entity affiliated with this product. This product was not manufactured to violate any drug test law, and it’s not meant to be sold where it’s deemed illegal. This product will not be dispatched to residents of any state or country with restrictions to fake urine products if the intention for usage is to pass  urine drug test.

The buyers warrant that they are of legal age. We frown against and discourage the illegal usage of drugs, particularly while working. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse orders placed with the intent to influence drug screening. This product was manufactured to serve as a control sample when you want to carry out private tests at home. Whatever reference to passing drug screening or test is solely for private home testing. Every sale made is final and non-refundable.

When can you Use UPass Urine?

  •       It is best to use UPass urine when you’re not under strict supervision. Using fake urine can be a lot harder when someone’s watching you.
  •       When you’re able to follow the instructions and attach the urine bag 1 hour before your test
  •       When you mix the urine sample at most a couple of days before the urine drug test

When can you not Use Upass Urine?

  •       When it’s not heated to the desired temperature range
  •       When your fake urine kit doesn’t contain a belt, you can use it to attach the urine bag to your body on the day of the test
  •       Avoid using UPass urine after storing it for over a year, and it will be expired by then.
  •       When you mix the urine sample several days before the test

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

Safeguard Laboratories manufactured UPass urine. Their address is 513 Ventures, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Customer Support

You can contact Safeguard Laboratories through their mail orders at or phone at 1-888-841-4803. Their work hours are from 9 AM through 7 PM (Monday-Friday).


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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What Additional Products Will be Useful to Buy with It?

The following items can help enhance your chances of cheating a urine drug test with your fake urine:

  1.   The stash strap
  2.   Whizzinator

Pros of UPass Synthetic Urine

1.   Very Popular
Upass urine is one of the most popularly used synthetic urine products. This makes it very easy to locate. You can even use your map for directions or type “UPass near me.” You can purchase it from various online retail stores like Amazon or GNC and offline retail stores such as gas stations.
2.   Affordable
Like Quick Fix, Clear Choice, Test Clear, Upass urine is fairly affordable for its standard as a synthetic urine product, which is one of the key reasons it’s very accessible. It costs $29.95 on
3.   Almost Identical in Composition to Real Human Pee
UPass urine is very similar to real urine, right down to its appearance and odor. The creatinine levels, the specific gravity, and the pH balance are also spot-on as well. Unfortunately, it shares this quality with fake urine brands such as Clear Choice, Piss perfect, Urinator, and Test Clear.
4.   Likely to Pass Drug Tests
Though it’s not a guarantee, correctly applying Upass instructions will give you a high chance of passing that drug test.
5.   Long Shelf Life
How long does it last? Similar to Clear Choice urine, Upass urine can be stored for up to a year.

Cons of UPass Synthetic Urine

1.   Not Likely to Pass a Carefully Supervised Drug Test
If your drug screening is closely watched, especially when you’re not given privacy, it’s very likely you won’t beat that drug test.
2.   Upass is Declared Illegal in Certain Places
It’s important to carry out your research on drug testing laws or regulations in your state, region, or province. Upass may be considered illegal there, and if usage is detected, it may attract some legal sanctions.
3.   Detection Can Get You in Trouble
If you’re a government employee or your company is closely affiliated with the government, getting caught for trying to cheat your urine drug test can get you in serious trouble.
4.   Negative Claims
Some users claim that Upass urine didn’t help them pass their drug test. However, it remains a claim as it hasn’t been verified if they properly followed the instructions or if there were other factors in play.
5.   UPass Package Excludes a Fake Penis or Whizzinator
Unlike Piss Perfect, the UPass package doesn’t come with helpful products like a Whizzinator or a fake penis. This means you’ll have to buy them separately. This also means extra expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Keep reading impacTEEN to get know more about it.

  •       Is Upass detectable?

This depends on the test, but Upass works for simple drug tests such as tests for weedor THC. Ensure the drug test you’ve been scheduled for is a urine test. There’s no way Upass will work for a saliva test (mouth swab) or hair follicle test. You will not pass saliva test. Try weed detox( pills/remedy/mouthwash)instead.

  •       Does UPass work for alcohol?

Yes, it does because it will be a substitute for your real urine, which will contain alcohol. So unless you put droplets of alcohol into Upass urine, it will pass an alcohol test.

  •       Does UPass work for opiates?

Similar to testing for alcohol, there’s no way your fake urine will contain what you’re being tested for. So, it should work.

  •       Where to buy UPass urine near me?

There are many places you can buy UPass. It’s available online in stores such as Amazon, Walgreens, GNC, and the company’s official website. It’s also available in gas stations and physical retail stores such as Walmart. The prices vary depending on where you purchase it. However, we recommend buying it from the manufacturer directly for quality assurance.

  •       Can Upass expire?

Yes, it has a lifespan. Although the manufacturers claim it can last for two years, the recommended shelf is usually one year, after which its quality would have deteriorated.

  •       How much Upass is needed for the test?

An ounce of this urine is sufficient for the actual testing, but try to collect 2-3 ounces in case to pass urine drug test.

  •       How can I store Upass?

Upass is best stored at room temperature and where it won’t be exposed to sunlight.

  •       Can I freeze Upass?

We don’t advise that. It may work, but there’s no guarantee that freezing your synthetic urine won’t alter or modify its physical properties or chemical composition.

  •       How close is Upass to real human urine?

It’s very close, but one key ingredient it lacks is uric acid. However, it contains the remaining ingredients such as urea, creatinine, pH balance, specific gravity, odor, and color. As a result, it looks like real urine and smells like urine. In terms of appearance, it’s identical.

  •       Must I use a microwave?

Using a microwave is the recommended heating method to get your synthetic urine to the desired temperature range.

  •       How often can I reheat it?

You can reheat your Upass urine as often as needed to keep it at the recommended temperature range before your urine drug test is due. However, once you open your urine bag, ensure it doesn’t exceed 8 hours before usage.

  •       Can I use it to influence a supervised drug test?

If the lab technician is looking over your shoulder, you will need to be more convincing. You’ll need additional items such as a belt and Whizzinator or a fake penis. There’s a way to attach your Upass urine bag to make it seem like it’s coming out of your “penis.” You can search for tutorial videos on how to attach a fake urine bag to your body.

  •       Is Upass urine legal?

It’s legal in some states and illegal in others. So it all depends on the state you’re residing in. States like Texas and Ohio have prohibited the usage of fake urine products. However, in reality, it’s unlikely you’ll be prosecuted for possessing synthetic urine, even in such states. It’s an unclear legal situation, especially for Upass, since it clearly states ‘Exploration and Novelty Use as it were’ on the product.

Customer Reviews

Positive Upass Reviews

From this review, we can see the user purchased Upass urine from Amazon, and the delivery was timely. Also, it helped him pass the drug test as part of the requirements for the job he applied for.

This is a review from a regular user, and there’s been no issue so far. It worked 6 out of 6 times.

Negative Upass Review

The authenticity of this review is questionable, considering the person commenting has not used the product.

Review from Reddit

A review from a long-time user, and there’s been no disappointment so far.


Judging from customer reviews, Upass can be trusted, but to an extent. There are several claims that the success rate of Upass has dropped drastically due to improvements in urine testingequipment. Another reason, however, is that the users didn’t completely follow Upass instructions.

There are other viable alternatives, such as Quick Fix and Test Clear. Quick Fix is a favorite of many fake urine users because it has a very high success rate (99.9%). In conclusion, Upass is good synthetic urine with a high chance of working if you follow all the instructions.


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