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Related Projects

Economic, Lifestyle and Social Influences on Obesity
Funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the project will examine the influences of economic, lifestyle, and social factors on obesity, and inform both policy makers and households of which policies, programs, and practices are effective at combating obesity.

Food and Fitness
Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Food and Fitness will collect and report comprehensive information on food environments and student physical activity in a sample of elementary schools, as well as information on school district-level wellness and other policies that may impact childhood obesity.

Youth Smoking and the Media
Funded by the National Cancer Institute, Youth Smoking and the Media will study the impact of television anti-smoking advertising and newspaper coverage about tobacco issues on youth smoking.

Tracking the Media and Policy Impacts of State-Level Tobacco Control: SmokeLess State Evaluation

Funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the focus of the Smokeless State Evaluation is to identify to what extent the SmokeLess States: National Tobacco Policy Initiative has impacted a reduction in tobacco use.

Controlling Methamphetamine Precursors: From Policy to Practice

Funded by the National Institute of Justice, this study will be one of the first to provide a national comparison of recent state laws developed to control methamphetamine precursors.