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In this article, we will be doing a Whizzinator review and how it can help you pass your urine drug test.

Letting loose once in a while is a great idea; however, during this process, many people expose themselves to recreational marijuana, which might cause a serious problem, particularly when you have an upcoming drug test. Spoiler: we can offer you a solution. Try Whizzinator to pass drug test. Keep reading to get to know, how.

The use of cannabis has been legalized in most states, and this does not mean that your employer or prospective employer does not have a right to get you tested for drugs. For example, your employer might test you for the use of cannabis or other psychoactive substances to keep the workplace safe and ensure that no employee is working under the influence of any substances.

If you have been exposed to the use of weed or other related drugs and you have an upcoming drug test, you have come to the right place. Many people who have been exposed to the use of prohibited substances and pass their urinalysis, usually abstain from using any THC product for a long time; by doing this, the THC in their system wears out of their body. Some resort to using urine samples of their family member or a friend.

Although any of these methods can help you pass your urine drug test, however, these methods are not safe and can also put you at risk. This is because you cannot be sure that the residue present in your THC has completely been flushed out of your body. Again, when you use the urine sample of a family member or a friend, you cannot be sure that such an individual has also not been exposed to THC. So, using a product like Powdered Urine will be a much better choice.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can use Whizzinator to pass your drug test. In this article, we will be carrying out a Whizzinator review and we will be looking at how to use this product and how it can help you pass your urine drug test.


Powdered Human Urine

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Overall Description

Whizzinator is synthetic urine or fake piss used to pass a urine drug test. Whizzinator for THC detox is one of the leading producers of fake pees and is common among sportspersons, those in the transport department, and private establishments; you can also use this product to ace your urine drug test. Another really working kit is The Urinator.

Whizzinator kit contains:

  • A vial of fake urine
  • A cleaning syringe
  • 4 heating pads to maintain the temperature of the product for 8 hours
  • A waistband
  • Two leg straps
  • Instruction leaflets

Whizzinator stands out among similar products because it contains a sample chemical composition that can also be found in real urine. It contains creatine and uric acid. Other ingredients commonly found in other synthetic urine are also present in this product. They include:

  • Potassium Chloride
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Distilled water
  • Urea
  • Sodium phosphate

How Does Whizzinator Work?

To understand how this product works, there is a need to gain insights into how a urine drug test works.

A urine drug test is a drug screening that requires you to supply a urine sample to check for the presence of THC in your body. If you are new to this kind of drug screening, here is how it is done:

  1. Your tester will provide you with a urine sample collection cup.
  2. You will be allowed to enter the bathroom to provide your urine into the cup.
  3. When providing your sample, it is advised that you catch your urine midstream.
  4. In most situations, you will be allowed to enter the bathroom without supervision. However, if you are known to have tried to cheat during your drug test, or you have once tested positive for your drug test, you might be forced to carry out the provision of your urine drug test under strict supervision.
  5. It is important to note that you should not flush the toilet after use as this can lead to the nullification of your test result.

Having this insight on how a urine drug test works will help you know how you can use Whizzinator to pass your drug test. The best way to use the Whizzinator is to follow the directions provided in the leaflet.

Here is how Whizzinator works:

  1. Preparations should start two hours before you go in for your test.
  2. Remove the product from its package and unpack the heat pad.
  3. Once that has been done, place the Whizzinator on the heat pad.
  4. You can put 100ml –150ml of the fake urine in the Whizzinator bag.
  5. Then place the heat pad between the belt and the bag.
  6. You are to place the temperature stripe firmly against your skin.
  7. After this, wait about one hour for the temperature to heat up to the exact body temperature. So, you have to wait for the temperature stripe to turn green.
  8. Ensure that you have pinched your clip and that the length of your hose fits you.
  9. Once you have completed these processes, you are ready for your test. You should also note that the heat pad will help you maintain the temperature during your waiting period. You should ensure that the temperature is within 90 – 100 degrees. This will make the synthetic urine look like real urine.
  10. When you are called for your test, enter the bathroom and release the fake pee into the sample collection cup.

After using the Whizzinator Kit, you can reuse it again; however, ensure that you rinse thoroughly with water and place it securely and out of children’s reach.

It is always advisable to follow the Whizzinator instructions in the leaflet with the product. Read carefully to know, how to use Whizzinator. This will guide you on how to use the product. You should also note that you should avoid being clumsy or looking nervous when going in for your drug because your look can give you away and create unnecessary suspicions.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Manufacturers, Support, and Certifications

Alternative Lifestyle Systems manufactures Whizzinator. This brand aims to create a discreet avenue to help people pass their drug tests. This company has been producing quality products for the past 15 years.

Whizzinator, like every product manufactured by Alternative Lifestyle System, is produced in their facilities. However, their brand stands out because its synthetic urine contains no preservatives and is biocide-free.

Alternative Lifestyle Systems is located in Long Beach, California, US. You can also contact them on their phone:+ at 1-888-895-7016 or their Email at [email protected]. Their customer service is open from Monday to Friday, 9 am -5 pm MST.

You must know that this product is not certified by the FDA.

When you get any of their products, there is a return policy of 14 days. However, the product must be unused and in its original state.

What Additional Products would be Useful to Buy With It?

You can use this product independent of any product, and it can successfully help you pass your urine drug test. However, here are some additional kits that are recommended that you get.

Cleansing Solution

If you intend to reuse Whizzinator, you can get a cleansing solution. You can use the solution to flush any fake urine residue off the tube. This would keep the tube clean and fresh for use.

Extra Heat Pad 

Getting an extra heat pad will be handy in a situation when you are asked to carry out an impromptu urine drug test. The extra heat pad can also be used to test how the product works.



Pros Cons
It contains creatine and urea, the same elements present in real urine. This makes the synthetic urine look like real urine. For this product to work effectively, you must adhere strictly to the steps provided in the manual.
There is a 14-day return policy. However, you can only return the product unused and in its original state. This product does not have FDA certification.
If you need something that blends with your skin color, you can get Whizzinator. It comes in 6 different colors, and you can purchase any that fits your skin color. When compared to other similar products, it is very expensive.
You can reuse this product multiple times. This product can lead to serious implications for you if caught with this product.
It is easy to use since the product has a manual that can guide you. You have to maintain the temperature 0f the fake urine at 90 -100 degrees.
This product is popular and has a track record of helping people pass their urine drug tests. If you are not mentally ready for the test, you might give yourself away to your tester.


Where To Buy Whizzinator Near Me?

You can visit their official website to get this product. In addition, you can get this product in any common store. However, it would help if you were careful because several products out there are not authentic. This is why you are advised to get it from their website. You will not want to jeopardize your effort merely by buying a fake product at the original price.

You can also get this at credible stores such as Amazon or Walmart. However, it would be best if you remembered that this product is not legalized in most states and due to this, you might not see them displayed openly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Whizzinator really work?

Yes, this product works. In the 15 years that Whizzinator has been in the market, it has evolved immensely, and advanced kits have been introduced, which has made the product easier to use.

To harness the full potential of this product, all you have to do is to follow the terms of use and adhere to the manual. In addition, several customer reviews state that this product has helped them pass their urine drug test. Therefore, if you use this product properly, you can be guaranteed 100% success in your drug test.

How Long Does It Last?

Whizzinator can last for 8 hours. However, you have to maintain the temperature.

Can this Product Work for Opiates?

Yes! Since it is synthetic urine, it is alternative urine that you use in place of your urine that contains elements of prohibited substances such as opiates, cannabis, pot, etc. This product can work for a wide range of drugs. However, it depends on the nature of your drug test.

Does Whizzinator Work for Alcohol?

Yes! Like opiates, this product can work for alcohol.

Can I pass a monitored drug test using Whizzinator?

This is possible. You can pass your monitored urine drug test by getting a fake penis or shaft that blends with your skin color. You should also know that your supervisor cannot stare at you when you are peeing. Once you have perfectly concealed the shaft, your supervisor will not be able to see it.

Can Whizzinator be Detected?

No! This product is not detectable during your lab test. However, it would be best if you were careful not to expose the kit during your drug test because this can lead to a serious problem.

Can Whizzinator be used to Pass Saliva Test?

No! You can only use this product to pass your urine drug test. There are other weed detox kits you can use for your saliva drug test.

How can I preserve the dry fake urine?

What makes this product unique is that it does not contain any preservatives. However, you can preserve your Whizzinator by placing it where sunlight cannot reach.

Can I use this product with an additional product?

It is always advised that you should not mix this product with any other brand. Doing this might compromise the urine sample, and you risk being caught, which is a serious offense.

When can I reheat Whizzinator?

The best time to reheat is a couple of hours before your drug test. However, it is recommended that you do not overheat. This is why timing is quite essential when using this product.

Here are some reviews from those who have used this product for their drug test

Positive reviews

Negative Reviews


Whizzinator can help you pass your urine drug test as there are several positive feedback on how it has helped people who used drugs pass their test. However, be careful when using this product because it is not legal.