Clean Stream Synthetic Urine Kit


Introducing the Clean Stream Synthetic Urine Kit, your ultimate solution for discreet, clean, and undetectable urine simulation. This premium product is designed with the utmost care to meet your needs for a toxin-free synthetic urine experience.

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(Last Updated On: 23.11.2023)

Included in the Kit:

  • 5 oz pre-filled bottle of Clean Stream Synthetic Urine with a Vinyl Bladder and tubing
  • 2 Heating Pads
  • Temperature Strip
  • Comprehensive Instructions

Instructions for Clean Stream Synthetic Urine Kit Proper Use:

  1. Open and shake one heat pad for 1-2 minutes. Heating is your responsibility; ensure correctness before use. Save the second pad for future use.
  2. Once warm, place the heat pad between the bladder and waistband.
  3. Wrap the waistband around your abdomen with the temperature strip against the skin and the tube pointing down.
  4. Close the end cap, adjust the pinch clip, and cut off excess tubing.
  5. Allow 1 hour before the test for the temperature to reach 94-100 degrees.
  6. Before use, check the temperature, expose the tubing, unfasten the clip, and drain the contents into the cup.

Warning: Do not microwave. Keep out of reach of children. Buyer/user assumes all responsibility and liability. Not intended for illegal activities. Consult local laws before use.

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Additive Urine


5 oz pre-filled bottle of Synthetic Urine

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$39 / package

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