Synthetic Urine Leg Strap


Don’t compromise on quality or risk visibility – choose the Synthetic Urine Leg Strap for a secure, discreet, and reliable solution. Sneak fake pee into a drug test with confidence. Order now and be in control of your testing destiny.

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(Last Updated On: 01.12.2023)

Introducing the Synthetic Urine Leg Strap: Your Ultimate Test Companion

Main Features:

  • Innovative Neoprene Design: The cutting-edge neoprene support belt places this synthetic urine strap at the forefront of the drug-test game.
  • Stealthy and Adjustable: Discreetly fits around your thigh with Velcro straps for maximum comfort and adjustability.
  • Temperature Control: Ensures your synthetic urine remains between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit for a realistic, body-warmed sample.
  • Dependable Quality: Crafted with top-quality materials, providing durability and reliability when it matters most.

Instructions for Proper Use:

  1. Fit for 2-ounce and 3-ounce Bottles: Leg Strap for synthetic urine securely holds bottles in the place until the crucial moment.
  2. Microwave for Expedited Warming: For faster warming, briefly microwave the bottle before heading out, ensuring optimal temperature without overheating.
  3. No Visible Trace: Discreetly hides between thighs, ensuring the synthetic urine strap remains invisible beneath your clothes for a confident test experience.

Heating Pad Compatibility: While a heating pad can be used, the fake pee strap holder naturally draws from body temperature, eliminating the need for additional heating. However, during colder months, external warmth can enhance the process.

Bottle Size Compatibility: Fake urine leg strap perfectly fits 2-ounce and 3-ounce bottles, secured by Velcro straps for safety and convenience.

Visibility Under Clothing: The fake urine strap remains discreetly positioned between thighs, ensuring it stays hidden for a worry-free test experience.

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