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Experience the pinnacle of realism with UPass Synthetic Urine, your ultimate solution for any situation requiring a lifelike urine substitute. Priced competitively, UPass Fake Urine offers unparalleled quality and toxin-free assurance.

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(Last Updated On: 23.11.2023)

Main Features:

  • Chemically Identical: UPass Synthetic Urine mirrors organic human urine, featuring the same ingredients such as creatinine and vitamins, ensuring a nearly identical composition.
  • Perfect pH Balance and Specific Gravity: Crafted to perfection, UPass Fake Pee maintains the same pH balance and specific gravity as natural urine, making it an ideal substitute for your own pee.
  • Toxin-Free Formula: Formulated to be completely free of toxins and bacteria, U Pass Fake Pee guarantees a pristine and safe option for laboratories requiring toxin-free urine samples.
  • Laboratory-Grade Quality: Crafted by Safeguard, UPass is a high-quality substitute, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and ease of use.


  1. Preparation: Microwave UPass for around 10 seconds before your test. Ensure UPass is between 94-100 degrees when submitting the sample.
  2. Shaking and Temperature Check: Close the top and shake UPass well after heating. Verify the temperature strip reads between 94-100 degrees. If not visible, cool until it falls within the range.
  3. Heat Source Attachment: Use the included rubber band to attach the hand warmer to UPass. The hand warmer maintains UPass temperature between 94-100 degrees for at least 6 hours when contained in clothing.
  4. Test Submission: During the test, confirm UPass temperature is between 94-100 degrees. Pour it into the urine collection cup, ensuring the sample is slightly less than 3 ounces for authenticity.

Choose UPass Synthetic Urine for a cleaner, safer, and reliable laboratory urine that effortlessly passes any U Pass Synthetic Urine Quest Diagnostics test. Trust in the realism of UPass – your assurance for every situation. Looking for “U-Pass Synthetic Urine near me” or “U Pass Synthetic Urine sold near me”? Don’t hesitate and order now!

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