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Research Papers

Tracking Tobacco Legislation: SmokeLess
States Legislative Coding and Evaluation, Overview, Methods, and Process

Tworek C,
Sandoval A, Chaloupka FJ

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) funded SmokeLess States National
Tobacco Control Policy Initiative, begun in 1993, provided funding for state-level
coalitions to engage in media and policy advocacy to strengthen tobacco control
legislation and regulation, with the ultimate goal of reducing the use of tobacco across
states. Tracking the Media and Policy Impacts of State-Level Tobacco Control:
SmokeLess States Evaluation Project (SLS), was funded in 2001 by RWJF to assess the
impact of the SLS coalitions on media coverage of tobacco issues, tobacco control policy
development and adoption, and overall strength of state tobacco control efforts.

The evaluation focused on several upstream outcomes and their interrelationships: news
coverage of tobacco-related issues and the effect of media on policy; legislative activity
on tobacco-related issues and the effect of policy advocacy efforts on legislative activity;
and the strength of statewide tobacco control infrastructure. This paper provides an
overview of the methods and process used in the legislative components of the SLS

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