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Economics and Alcohol Taxation, Chaloupka FJ, Grossman M, Saffer H, Laixuthai A, Pacula RL, Sirtalan I, Markowitz S, Czart C, Liang L, Wagenaar A and Harwood E. Presented at the Alcohol Taxation Workshop, cosponsored by the American Medical Association’s Office of Alcohol and the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Alcohol Policies Project, August 14 2001.

“Economics and Alcohol Taxation” reviews rationales for alcohol taxation such as revenue generation, public health improvement, and economic efficiency. The presenter reviewed national and state-level trends in alcohol taxes. Also presented were the price elasticity of demand for alcohol, public health impact from alcohol use and alcohol taxation, and economic efficiency. The author concludes that increases in alcoholic beverage taxes and prices lead to significant reductions in drinking. Policy options are discussed in the presentations as well.

Overheads (PDF – 2.45MB)