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Policy Levers for the Control of Tobacco Consumption. Chaloupka FJ, Hahn EJ, Emery SL. Kentucky Law Journal, Vol. 90, Number 4: 1009-1042 (Summer 2001-2002).

Originally published in the Kentucky Law Journal in the State Law and Public Health Symposium, 90 Ky.L.J. 1009 (2001-2002). Reprinted with permission from Ky.L.J.

The purpose of this Article is to describe tobacco control policies that states and other governments have implemented, and to explore the impact of these measures. The Article, therefore, provides a framework for what is both possible and feasible for state governments to undertake in order to reduce and minimize the impact of tobacco use in their state. Specifically, this Article reviews and updates the findings from studies that explore the relationship between tobacco control policies and population smoking prevalence, health, and the economy as a whole. Data from Kentucky is highlighted as an example of one state that is disproportionately affected by tobacco use given its economic and cultural dependence on tobacco. The Article begins with an overview of recent trends in tobacco use and its consequences, followed by a review of the evidence for the effectiveness of tobacco control policies. A description of the types and comprehensiveness of policies currently in place and a discussion of some of the factors correlated with the strength and comprehensiveness of these policies follows.

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