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American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Volume 33(4S), October 2007

Frank J. Chaloupka, Lloyd D. Johnston, Ross C. Brownson, and Antronette K. Yancey.

Editorial Board [PDF 240KB]
Acknowledgments [PDF 12KB]
Table of Contents [PDF 204KB]

Bridging the Gap: Research Informing Practice and Policy for Healthy Youth Behavior, Frank J. Chaloupka and Lloyd D. Johnston, S147-S161.

Building the Evidence to Reverse an Epidemic, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, S162-S164. [PDF 56KB]

Preventing Childhood Obesity: The Power of Policy and Political Will, Thomas Harkin, Derek Miller, S165-S166. [PDF 44KB]

Preventing Obesity in Children: The Time is Right for Policy Action,
Lisa Murkowski, Danielle Holland, S167-S168. [PDF 40KB]

A Research Perspective on Findings from Bridging the Gap, James F. Sallis, Mary Story, C. Tracy Orleans, S169-S171. [PDF 52KB]

Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Structure of Social Inequities in Childhood Obesity, Antronette K. Yancey, Shiriki Kumanyika, S172-S174. [PDF 56KB]

Childhood Obesity on the Front Lines, Susan B. Foerster, Lynn D. Silver, Neal D. Kohatsu, Thomas R. Frieden, Mary T. Bassett, Mark B. Horton, S175-S177. [PDF 56KB]

School Influences
The Epidemiology of Overweight and Related Lifestyle Behaviors: Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Status Differences Among American Youth, Jorge Delva, Lloyd D. Johnston, and Patrick M. O’Malley, S178-S186.

Variation in Obesity Among American Secondary Students by School and School Characteristics, Patrick M. O’Malley, Lloyd D. Johnston, Jorge Delva, Jerald G. Bachman, and John E. Schulenberg, S187-S194.

Sports Participation and Physical Education in American Secondary Schools: Current Levels and Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Disparities, Lloyd D. Johnston, Jorge Delva, and Patrick M. O’Malley, S195-S208.

Soft Drink Availability, Contracts, and Revenues in American Secondary Schools, Lloyd D. Johnston, Jorge Delva, and Patrick M. O’Malley, S209-S225.

Availability of Healthy and Less-Healthy Foods in American Schools: A National Study of Grade, Race/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Differences, Jorge Delva, Patrick M. O’Malley, and Lloyd D. Johnston, S226-S239.

Community, State, and Other Environmental Influences
The Availability of Fast-Food and Full-Service Restaurants in the U.S.: Associations with Neighborhood Characteristics, Lisa M. Powell, Frank J. Chaloupka, and Yanjun Bao, S240-S245.

Missed Opportunities: Local Health Departments as Providers of Obesity Prevention Programs for Adolescents, Sandy Slater, Lisa M. Powell, and Frank J. Chaloupka, S246-S250.

Adolescent Exposure to Food Advertising on Television, Lisa M. Powell, Glen Szczypka, and Frank J. Chaloupka, S251-S256.

Public Health Obesity-Related TV Advertising: Lessons Learned from Tobacco, Sherry Emery, Glen Szczypka, Lisa M. Powell, and Frank J. Chaloupka, S257-S263.

Development of a Physical Education-Related State Policy Classification System, Louise C. Mâsse, Jamie F. Chriqui, James F. Igoe, Audie A. Atienza, Judy Kruger, Harold W. Kohl III, Marcy Frosh, and Amy L. Yaroch, S264-S276.

Development of a School Nutrition-Environment State Policy Classification System (SNESPCS), Louise C. Mâsse, Marcy M. Frosh, Jamie F. Chriqui, Amy L. Yaroch, Tanya Agurs-Collins, Heidi M. Blanck, Audie A. Atienza, Mary L. McKenna, and James F. Igoe, S277-S291.

The Availability of Local Area Physical Activity-Related Facilities and Physical Activity Behavior and Overweight among Adolescents,
Lisa M. Powell, Frank J. Chaloupka, Sandy Slater, Lloyd D. Johnston, and Patrick M. O’Malley, S292-S300.

Associations Between Access to Food Stores and Adolescent Body Mass Index, Lisa M. Powell, M. Christopher Auld, Frank J. Chaloupka, Patrick M. O’Malley, and Lloyd D. Johnston, S301-S307.